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Maui's Top Snorkel Spots!

Enjoy this Free E-Book and see the best places to snorkel on Maui. This book covers the top spots to see the incredible underwater sealife while visiting Maui.


Coming To Maui? Bring this E-Book - Maui's Top Snorkel Spots - along with you!




Lanai's Hulopoe Beach Park!

hulopoe beach on lanai hawaiiThe best beach on the island of Lanai is Hulopoe Beach on the south side of the island. In fact, it's just a short walk from the harbor at Manele Bay.


Take the ferry to Lanai from Maui. Photos of Hulopoe Beach Park!




Ferry From Maui To Lanai!

ferry to lanai from mauiTake the ferry from Lahaina Harbor to the island of Lanai, and experience an island few ever see!





Shipwreck Beach On Lanai Is An Incredible Experience!

shipwreck beach lanai hawaiiOne of the most remarkable beaches you will find anywhere in Hawaii, is Shipwreck Beach. It's on the island of Lanai, and you can get to the island by taking the ferry from Maui.




Swinging Bridges Is A Wonderful Half-Day Hike On Maui!

swinging bridges hike maui hawaiiWhile it's a bit difficult to find, it's worth the effort to take this short hike over two wood plank bridges. The Swinging Bridges hike is a great way to spend a morning!




Kaanapali Beach Resort Has It All On West Maui!

kaanapali beach resort maui hawaiiYes, the Kaanapali Beach Resort area has wonderful shopping, excellent restaurants, and fabulous resorts.


It's a fun place to spend the day either on the beach, or strolling around Whaler's Village.




HDR Photograph On Maui!

hdr photography maui hawaiiHigh Dynamic Range (HDR)

photography is ideal for Maui, Hawaii.


It's easy to set-up in your camera and do, you just need to know how!




Napili Beach On The West Side Of Maui Is A Relaxing, Family-Focused Beach!

If you're staying in the Kaanapali Resort area, Kahana, Napili or Kapalua, you should visit Napili Beach!





Take The Drive Around The West Maui Mountains!

west maui drive from kapalua to wailukuWant an unusual driving experience? Take the road from Kapalua to Wailuku, and see Kahakaloa Village - a true Hawaiian town.






Wailea Beach In Wailea On The Southwest Side Of Maui!

wailea beach maui hawaiiThis is another nice beach for families with small children, and it's on the southwest side. If you're staying in Kihei or Wailea, visit this beach!








everything about oahu hawaii











All about lanai hawaii and the island of lanai.









Everything about lahaina maui hawaii.








All about Waikiki on Oahu Hawaii.




Spinner Dolphins Off Lahaina on Maui


Spinner Dolphins Along The Coast Of Maui, Hawaii Are A Spellbinding Experience!

Spinner dolphins are often seen in the channel between the three Hawaiian islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai and the view from above the water is breathtaking.


Maui PanoramicIn addition, Spinner Dolphins are spotted along the southeast coast of Lanai and from the beach at Hulopoe Beach Park on Lanai. Because of the white sandy beaches, this unique species of dolphin appears quite frequently and can often be found in a state of rest.


The dolphins are normally in small pods of 20 to 100, but the video below shows more than 300 spinner dolphins. As you will see, they love to jump into the air and spin! No one knows exactly why they exhibit this behavior, but it's exciting to witness.





Papalaua Beach Park Along Hwy. 30

Along Hwy. 30 from the tunnel to Olawalu is a nice stretch of sandy beach. Papalaua Beach is right next to the ocean and is a great place to spend the day.


papalaua beach park maui hawaii

Watch these carefree Spinner Dolphins come out of the water and put on a short show for you!


This video was shot on February 18, 2010 just off the coast of Lahaina Town on the west side of Maui, Hawaii.



Walk Along The Boardwalk At Kaanapali Beach!

Enjoy several hammocks along the boardwalk in Kaanapali Beach Resort. It's a great way to relax!



Humpback Whales Love Maui From November To April!

It's an exciting time on Maui when our native Humpback Whales arrive from the cold waters of Alaska to mate and give birth. February is the best month to see them!





Take A Day Trip To Waikiki Beach On Oahu

A good day from Maui is to fly to Oahu and spend the day at the famous Waikiki Beach.


Waikiki beach is one of the most famoust beaches inthe world.







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While we love our Humpback Whales and Giant Sea Turtles, living on Maui lets us get up-and-close to Spinner Dolphins.


Here's a short video of the Spinner Dolphins just off the coast of Lahainaaloha sign on maui hawaii on the west side of Maui.


As the word Aloha means to us here on Maui, make sure you treat all of our sealife with kindness, love and warm respect!






Maui's Beaches!

Maui boasts some of the nicest baby beach maui hawaiibeaches in the world, with West Maui having the largest selection of beaches with calm, clear water. Enjoy a nice overview of these Maui beaches!


* Baby Beach in Lahaina

* Baldwin Beach near Paia

* Airport Beach in Lahaina

* Big Beach in Makena

* Napili Bay on West Maui

* Polo Beach in Wailea

* Wailea Beach in Wailea

* Little Beach in Makena

* Black Sand Beach near Hana



Steve's Snorkel Suggestion!

Black Rock is on the west side of black rock in kaanapali on maui hawaiiMaui, and offers one of the best places to snorkel and see the incredible underwater sealife. Black Rock is located on the north side of the Kaanapali Beach Resort area and is oceanside to the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa.


The waters are very calm in the black rock in kaanapali on maui hawaiimorning hours, the beach and snorkel area are often very crowded, but there is a spectacular view of the Hawaiian islands of Lanai and Molokai


Black Rock is the one place on Maui where you'll always see underwater sealife such as fish and turtles!


Black Rock is ideal for both beginners and experienced snorkelers and divers alike.



Maui Sunsets!

Maui has some of the most sunsets on maui hawaiiincredible sunsets While visiting Maui, take time in the early evening to "catch' a sunset.


Also, make sure you have a digital camera ready. It happens fast - you won't want to miss a moment!




Baby Beach In Lahaina Is Great For Families!

We really like Baby Beach. It's well-baby beach lahaina maui hawaiiprotected with a reef system about 50 yards off-shore, and is close to Lahaina Town and the shopping district of west Maui.





Banyan Tree In Lahaina Town Is One Of The Oldest In The USA!

While walking the Front Street banyan tree lahaina maui hawaiishopping district in the west Maui town of Lahaina, make sure you visit the Banyan Tree across from Lahaina harbor.



Maui Underwater Sealife Is A Snorkeler's Dream!

The calm, pristine waters of Maui maui hawaii turtleoffer both beginner and experienced snorkelers some of the most incredible sealife found anywhere in the world.


It's easy to snorkel - just remember to breathe!


Hawaii Fudge Company!

While visiting Front Street in Lahaina Town, stop at Hawaii Fudge for unique Hawaiian flavors of fudge.





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